Moxie is a soft drink well known in the United States. It was first patented as a medicinal beverage around 1876. Soda water was added to the formula shortly after and was then sold in bottles and in bulk for soda fountains.

In 1921, Moxie bought itself the popular baritone Arthur Fields and band leader Harry Raderman to promote the brand. The recording session happened in the Gennett studio early November, probably to have the promotional record ready for the Christmas season. Gennett will manufacture the one-shot product (hence the lack of catalog number).
Fields sang the qualities of the beverage, supported by the Raderman’s orchestra, wich also offered an intrumental version of the song on the flip side. The tracks are most known for being funny curiosities, more than for their potential musical interest. They are not bad dance acts though.

Rec 11/1921
Arthur Fields with Raderman’s Orch. “Moxie” (Mx 7528B)
Rec. 11/1921
Raderman’s Orch. “Moxie” (Mx 7683a)

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