The Checker Box Boys is the pseudonym for the Lou Gold Orchestra on Broadway Records.

Lou Gold

Lou Gold was a former pianist, born Lewis Milton Goldwasser in Poland in 1885. He played in New York in live venues from the late 10’s. He started recording as a band leader with is own orchestra early 1924 for Cameo, as Lou Gold and His Orchestra or Lou Gold and His Club Wigwam Orchestra. His recordings were also released under various pseudonyms, on various labels, as it was commonly done at the time, such as the very commonly used Missourri Jazz Band, Imperial Dance Orchestra, Virginia Creepers and the likes. Less common is that he also appeared as Nathan Glantz, Mike Special or even Sam Lanin !
He recorded intensively until 1932, where he relocated to Miami, Florida. He passed away there in 1950 as Louis M. Gould.

Broadway was first a record label of the Bridgeport Die And Machine Co. of Bridgeport, Cinnecticut. When the company went bankrupt in 1924, Broadway was acquired by the New York Recording Laboratories, subsidiary of the Wisconsin Chair Company, owner of Paramount Records. Broadway records were mostly sold at Montgomery Ward and the majority were from Plaza masters. The label was discontinued in 1932 with the bankrupty of the NYRL.

Broadway sleeve from 1925 to 1932.

The sides offered here can then be found on other records from other companies, such as Banner, Domino, Perfect and Apex in Canada. There are two matrix numbers: one is the Broadway matrix number, the other one is the original Plaza matrix number (referred below in that order).
Here are then four sides of fine dance tracks never reissued.

Rec. 06/1928
Lou Gold & Orch. “Is It Gonna Be Long ?” (Mx 1066 / 8016)
Rec. 03/1929
Lou Gold & Orch. “My Kinda Love” (Mx 1206 / 8631)
Rec. 03/1929
Lou Gold & Orch. “Mean To Me” (Mx 1207 / 8630)
Rec. 04/1929
Lou Gold & Orch. (Mx 1232 / 8687)

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