Bennie (or Benny) Krueger was born on 1899. He started learning violin at four but changed for the saxophone, that he mastered at eighteen. He was good enough that some Victor music manager choose him to join the Original Dixieland Jazz Band when the band came back from England in 1920 (against the band’s wishes, as the legend says). He cut some sides with the band for a year, making him the first jazz saxophonist on records.

He started his own band in 1921 and became a Brunswick exclusive artist, in 1922.
Althrough he played jazz with the most influential white jazz band of the days, he didn’t seem to have high pretentions in Jazz as we understand it today.
Even if he recorded an enormous amount of dance music records until 1934, not all were just commercial songs for the dance music audience, but some were hot sides from wich the following are a good example.

Bennie Krueger’s Orchestra “Poor Little Me” (Mx 7531)
Bennie Krueger’s Orchestra “Don’t Leave Me Mammy” (Mx 7554)
Rec. 07/1924
Bennie Krueger’s Orchestra “Charley, My Boy” (Mx 13602)
Rec. 07/1924
Bennie Krueger’s Orchestra “Pleasure Mad” (Mx 13606)
Rec. 10/1925
Bennie Krueger’s Orchestra “The Dance From Down Yonder” (MxE16486 )
Rec. 11/1925
Bennie Krueger’s Orchestra “Someone’s Stolen My Sweet, Sweet Baby” (MxE16857)

In the early 30’s, he started working for the radio and stoped his recording activities under his own name after a session for Columbia in 1934. He also served as the musical director and orchestra conductor for Rudy Vallee and Bob Crosby.

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