(Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz)

Collecting records really does cheer me up. Anytime !
It’s been a good year since the last update. It has always been a good year since I’ve started collecting actually, record-wise ! Many records have joined the collection: “small” records, common records, cheap records and a few expensive as well. Some bought, some traded, but none stolen. Some that will be shared here, or on the YouTube channel or my Instagram account, or not at all. And some that come complete subjects that have already been treated, hence the “updates” post, to point out the upgrades.

I finally acquired a nice copy of “Sugar Foot Stomp” by Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra, the 1925 Columbia recording with Louis Armstrong (Thanks Richard ! If you read this…), wich was an important missing step on the Variations on a theme: Dipper Mouth Blues.
The post has also been updated with Benny Goodman’s recording of 1937.

The Welby Toomey entry, wich is the third most visited post of the blog, has been totally revised, completed with new detailed informations and the addition of another side “The golden willow tree” and a new (better) transfert of “Frankie’s Gamblin’ Man” from a newly acquired Gennett record. And now (at last ! Rookie mistake…) recordings are finally set in chronological order, wich gives a new perspective on the Toomey/Boaz recordings. Forgotten Balladeer: Welby Toomey

The story of Aerophone has also been revised, with new informations, new mysteries, new sound and new images ! English version or French version.

The “Chicago” recordings of the 20’s has just seen the addition of the nice Paul Whiteman’s version of 1922.

Also, a fellow Spanish collector has commented some posts, sharing informations that were unknown to me, solving some mysteries. I left the posts pretty much untouched, but you are encouraged to go read the comments to find out who are hidden behind my beloved pseudonyms !
Dance tonight with bands you know nothing about
Early jazz recordings in Paris: bands you know nothing about

Some news for a change:
Summer will probably be quiet around here, even if I have a few things already on the work and some new ideas too. Lost Songs is far from being done, and I’ll continue to feed the Instagram account throughout summer. But I’m working on a new project for wich I need to concentrate on and give all my time if I want to have something nice to announce this fall !
So, stay tuned and stay safe.

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