Lost Songs has been temporary put aside while I’m working on the Label Gallery Française. This project represents an enourmous amount of work and I can’t manage both at the same time, even if I have several subjects in mind for the blog.
The Gallery is far from being ready yet, but is progressing constantly. Eventually, I’ll make it public, even if it is not complete.
Beside the Gallery, I’m also working on the Label Gallery Française Audio Archives, wich will be hosted here, on Lost Songs. Around 100 sides have already been transfered by yours truly, ready to be shared ! There will be much more when the whole project will be ready.
Thanks for your patience !

In the meantine, I’ve been invited to talk about the Label Gallery and share some records on Paul Taylor’s Back The Way You Came radio show [1]. The show will be airing on Electro magnetic Radio on sunday 26th of this June of 2022. You can find it afterward on MixCloud (search for “Paul Taylor Back The Way You Came”).

I keep feeding Instagram‘s bottomless belly once in a while, and more accasionnaly, YouTube‘s.

Feel free to keep passing by, just in case. And for those who are interested by the French record industry, its labels and history, stay tuned !
Thanks – Jerome

[1] You’ll hear me say several times that the flexi discs are “very French”, it may sounds like “flexi discs are a French invention”. Obviously not ! But that actually followed a not-recorded chat with Paul about the heavy presence of British and German companies on the French market in the 30s. Durium didn’t last long and was followed by many flexi/newsstands records wich were almost all French companies. Taken out of context, it could be wrongly understood. And I realized that too late…

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